> If, like 55.1% of the practicing Catholics of England (Harris Interactive 2010 survey), you are in favor of the two liturgical forms of the Roman Rite coexisting in your parish,

> if you believe that the extension of the extraordinary form is a necessary step to reaffirm the rights of God in the liturgy,

> if you are aware that the faithful and the clergy that are attached to the Church's liturgical tradition are still too often the victims of uncharitable injustices and denials,

> if you believe that it is worthwhile to promote the extraordinary form of the Mass and to keep the faithful and the clergy informed about it,

then we would be grateful if you could send a contribution, however small, to support our newsletter so that we may spread the word about the Motu Proprio and thereby contribute to the development of the traditional liturgy.

Beyond your financial solidarity, we also ask for your prayers that our action in favor of liturgical peace and of renewal within tradition may efficiently contribute to the good of souls and of the Church.

Thank you for your generosity,

Christian Marquant
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